Princess Lulu at Hospital

This is miss Lulu at the hospital shortly after she was born.

A Grandpa and Dad on Blessing Day

There is something special about Dads and Grandfathers with baby girls. These are a couple of photos from the blessing day of baby Q.

Church Group: Preview

This is one of a group of ladies from a ward (congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They wanted photos to include in a celebration they were putting together.

Photos That Can't Be Shown

Occasionally there are places or photo shoots that cannot be shared publicly or published for various reasons. This is just a bit of one shoot that I may never be able to fully publish. You get to see this photo because it shows that it was a beautiful day and pretty much nothing else. Enjoy.

A Soldier and His Bride: Engagement Preview

This wonderful couple had only a short time to do engagement photos before he was deployed with the National Guard. Here is a preview of them.

A bit of Baby Worldy

What a beautiful boy. One of many photos I got to take of him and his parents.